Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Super Beaver

Davina Harrington, who lives in Western Australia, sent this:

Hi Sandra,

I took this photo the other day while we were out. It reminded me of your "Leaning on a Truck" writing. The kids and I go out on what we call music drives. We hop in the van and my daughter Jette connects my phone to the stereo and we choose songs and sing along and chat as we drive. Sometimes we have a destination in mind, other times we make it up as we go along. Each time we go on one of our jaunts we learn something and we connect. Whenever one of the kids or even myself suggests going on a music drive it's instant excitement. Reading "Leaning on a Truck" helped me to move from being a mum who might not have said "Yes! Let's go" to one who smiles whenever someone suggests it.

I feel less doubt the longer we unschool.
Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping others.

It's a Leyland Super Beaver. We loved the name.

Some exchange of info about these photos:

Me/Sandra: HOW COOL! The story, and the truck. I was sorry, in Australia, not to be where I could see a road train, but this is like a road barge!! (If you read the sign, it says when the truck was loaded they wouldn't drive more than 35 km per hour. That's 21.7 mph. A crawl.)

Davina: We have so many road trains here! I will get some pictures for you Port Hedland also had the world record for the longest train one year too!

Me: The same company also made a "Super Hippo" with cattle cars.

Davina: It's at the Don Rhodes Mining Museum in Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Davina send a note about a big wheelbarrow recently: Giant wheelbarrow in Western Australia

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