Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bears and pajamas in the same song

On my Lyrics Game group on facebook, in the same month someone put up "lions, tigers, bears, oh my" (play any of those), and someone else put up sleepwear.

I posted this, after playing in both from the same songs:

Songs with "bear/bears" and "pajamas" both.

These things might have come up because there's a six year old at my house.
I'm not makine a serious play, just pointing out that in one day, these two came up: Bananas in Pajamas theme song, and "Down By the Bay" by Raffi. smile emoticon

It's possible there's a third. The world is weird like that.
Teddy Bear's picnic is close, but no... pajama.
(And no specific bedclothes, when their parents take them home to bed.)

I didn't post the videos there, but will here:

Brie Jontry brought this:

I had to Google a little to make sure this was right - it is! I remembered it from an "Alaska songs" radio show smile emoticon

"Talk of your cold, refrigeratin' mamas,
Brother, she's a polar bear's pajamas!"

From the movie "Pete Kelly's Blues" - 1955