Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reflections, Projections and Shadows

Sometimes light makes a picture on a wall, or table, or ceiling, because it passed through, or didn't pass through, some object or substance. Sometimes it's water, or a treebranch in the wind, and the image has motion. Sometimes it's through a tinted window or a prism, and the image has colors.

Some things are shadows, and some are projections, and some are combinations.

This first one is my shadow, and the frames of the windowpanes in the front door, falling on a map of the U.S., at Emily Schnarr's house in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

(metal colander inside a plastic one, winter sun coming in low through a second-floor window)

"Objects in mirror…" message reflected or projected? Some and some?

This one is a blue plastic pitcher sitting behind a cloth screen, with low winter sunlight coming through both.

Sunset in a laundry basket:

Holly at the bean in Chicago:

Holly at the zoo one day:

 photo DSCF4373.jpg