Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dragonflies and Snake Doctors

In my yard this morning I have some little bugs that move like dragonflies but they're maybe half an inch long, if that, and if they're colorful it's not apparent. They look like one little straight piece of bug with a blur of wings around it.

When I was little, in Texas, we lived by Benbrook lake. There were lots of snake doctors everywhere. Then we moved to northern New Mexico, where there weren't any around our house or the river. Later I learned the word "dragonfly," probably out of a book.

Are all snake doctors dragonflies? And why are there ANY "snake doctors"?
What are those bugs in my yard?

If readers send me photos of any such flying creatures from their own yards and what they're called where you live, I'd be glad to put them in here. Or if you've blogged about them, please leave a blogpost link!

I know I could google, but I didn't know how far the term "snake doctor" goes and I figure some people have never heard it.


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