Sunday, April 18, 2010

When little kids aren't afraid of Shakespeare

And Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them
Shakespeare Through an Unschooling Lens

by Karen Ridd

This is from Life Learning Magazine, March/April 2010. I don't know whether you'll be able to read it without subscribing, but you might want to subscribe, perhaps. Next month there will be an article by me.

A quote from Karen Ridd's article:
There’s a lot of giggling going on in the back seat of the car. We’re on our way home from the prestigious Golden Boy indoor soccer tournament. My eleven-year-old son Daniel has a gold medal around his neck after a hard-played final. He also has a book in his hand – not exactly standard “Grade Six” reading fare. It’s Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare – and he and his eight-year-old brother are quizzing each other on the lines that they are memorizing. And giggling.… They are giggling at how funny these lines are. I, on the other hand, have tears in my eyes, a smile that reaches to Pittsburgh, and a heart overflowing with gratitude that we are able to learn without school.

This year they'll both be in a production of Twelfth Night. Last year Ben, the younger, was in The Tempest, but I don't want to give away the good parts of the story.

The image is a reminder for Sam Rockwell fans (and everyone else!) to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream and was lifted from an older post on this blog.

Sam Rockwell and Kevin Klein as Pyramus and Thisbe (Bill Irwin as "Wall," who is also Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street)

On my own pages there are Tales from Unschooling Lives Involving Shakespeare:

Pam Larrichia wrote "Shakespeare is fun!"


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