Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Fly Tipping

This blog never was appreciated by anyone but me, but still, I will keep it, because some posts are quoted in Just Add Light and Stir, or on my site.

There are 22 unfinished posts, which might never be finished. Maybe I should release them as they are, and work on them later (or accept comments and ideas on the partial versions).

This was on my facebook page, and has lots of comments there. Everyday knowledge will bring total blankness in other places (and times).

July 26,2013, I wrote:
Brits, do not tell. This is a mystery for north Americans. Don't anybody tell yet. Let people have a day or two to wonder, and ponder, and giggle and google.
There are many comments, and some talk of cow-tipping, brollies, bum bags and such, at that link.