Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rum Tum Tugger hooks up

One of my favorite correpondents, Colleen Prieto, sent me this note:
Hi Sandra –

So I played Rum Tum Tugger in the lyrics game, and then I was sitting on the couch singing it along to myself.

Robbie right away asked “what is that song?? I LOVE it!!!!”

I pulled it up online so he could hear it sung better than he’d hear it from me :-) and I told him it’s from the musical Cats which I had gone to see when I was little. He wanted to know right away if we could go see the show. He went to see his first theater show (A Christmas Carol at a small local theater) just last weekend and now he’s ready for another and knows just what he wants the next one to be!

Hopefully we’ll be able to find it playing, maybe in Boston, in the near future. And until then, I’ve added a filmed DVD version to our Netflix queue which should be fun to watch.

A happy consequence of a fun game – we have something new and interesting to go and do together!

Colleen :-)

Here's documentation of when Holly got to see Cats:

Somewhere there's a photo of her posing with the make-up kit she bought at the theatre, with her face "catted up." I'm putting this note here in hopes that when I find the photo I'll bring it here.

A week ago, Holly and I saw Emma Fuller star as Annie in a Landmark production of that musical, in Albuquerque. Her mom, Beth, was in the company and played four parts. Emma is unschooled. Though Holly had seen her a couple of times this year, the last time I had been with Emma was in London in the summer of 2011. She was wearing a pink raincoat she had bought in Paris. In the musical, the Warbucks house provides Annie with a new coat, which she loves, and it was also pink, but fancier, and longer. But seeing her with that coat saying "I LOVE IT!" reminded me of her other pink coat, in London, not so far from where Holly and I saw Cats.

I could go on, connecting one thing to another. If you could, too, that will help you with lateral thinking—with your own learning, and that of people around you.

Keep your ideas bouncing in unpredictable directions! Let them spring and fly.

NOTE: For years I ran a lyrics game on a blog, but eventually it was repetitive and we started getting World of Warcraft gold farmers' spam, and too much other spam, so I closed it. But the tricks and procedures I had honed keeping that blog up led directly to my ability create and maintain Just Add Light and Stir, which is my favorite project and is over two years old now.

I've started a page for song lyrics play on facebook, here: Lyrics Game, Goofin' with Songs

For any reader who doesn't have Rum Tum Tugger in mind already, here it is:


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