Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My idea pile

This blog was started six years ago, and only has 70 posts. I went to check.

There are sixteen posts started and not finished (drafts, not published yet). That's a high percentage of uncompleted ideas! I still might finish them, or I might not. Some are waiting for photos, or linke.

It's not a minimalist life, collecting things. I'm afraid I will leave a mess when I go. A mess on my desk, kind of a mess online, but there are some treasures, too.

I could, I suppose, just put these things on my own personal blog, but I like having them in a collection of collections.

The project that has taken my energy and time in recent years is Just Add Light and Stir, and if anyone comes by here and isn't aware of that one, you might want to go there and subscribe. Thanks!


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