Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing Card Animation

Read this first:
Click on the link below and a playing card will appear on your screen...wait a few moments for it to load, then scroll down below the card and you will see a line that has a little red slider bar in it. Move the slider gradually to the right and stop and watch the show take place, then move it a little more to the right and stop and another show will take place and keep doing this till you are to the end.
The marvels of technology.

[LINK PULLED: gone, in 2023] adobecards.com

It's an wordless advertisement for Adobe Creative Suite 3.
The artistry, engineering and programming are wonderful, and there's music.

They were wonderful. There was music. :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

"If people can't stand cartoons about religion, they've got a problem." —Frank Miller, author of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; Daredevil; Sin City; etc." (28 February 2006)

This was a fun find. Some seem fairly obvious (Thor, Superman), but there are twists and turns and real evidence. It's very interesting.


"We want this page to be as accurate as possible, backed up by objective, published information and not based on conjecture. We do not want this listing to be slanted toward any particular denominational or religious viewpoint. It is intended to accurately report the composition of comic book character religiosity. If you have corrections, suggestions, additional information, etc., or would like to post an alternative viewpoint, please write to us at webmaster@adherents.com. (Nothing you send to us or say via email will be added to our website without your express permission.) "

Although that page says there is no alphabetical listing, there's this: