Friday, May 30, 2008

The Churches of Book Worship, and other fantastic realities

A while back I brought pictures and a link to some REAL libraries, dreamscapes from the real world.

These appear to be similarly wonderful, only if you take a charge card or a sack of cash, they'll let you take a bunch of books home! Most Interesting Bookstores of the World

That site on which that bookstore collection resides is, and when you get there you will see a list of other topics such as chromed bikes, monowheels (those are somewhat related, as range goes), creativity with marbles, homemade submarine, alternate uses for containers... (I keep trying to make a list but I get all involved in another page.)

And there are links to other sites that will make it seem like no time passed at all until you realize you're hungry and need the bathroom and haven't turned the water off in your yard and... (ooops. brb)

There's an example of something I wasted spent several moments on and it's kinda sickmaking (once you click and go to its animated mama), but there's worse there for sure.

So back to uplifting...

Some artistic recycling of computer parts:

There's plenty of exploring to provide connections to last you a while! Thinking sticks. You'll never forget all of it (though you might forget some).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mystery Art

Identify this if you can.

A clue, and a link to more photos (and a link to the answer, in the words of the artist): Mystery Art #3

If you're feeling sad that you might've missed Mystery Art numbers 1 and 2, here. I did the first two, but not this third one.