Saturday, May 16, 2009

Websites that are like Museums

More at

I love these public collections! Please leave links to your favorites in the comments, and if you want to make them "clickable," the code is here:


Elisha said...

This is a website for a real-life museum, but you can click through and see a lot of cool stuff on the site:

The Tenement Museum

I love old houses, and history, so I thought this was great, especially as a rural person who has only a vague idea what "inner city" means. There's a virtual tour and a game under the "play" section where you can sort of poke around one of the tenements. My favorite part is the interior windows in between rooms - it was done to sort of get around certain housing laws, but I think it's nice from an aesthetic perspective.

stumble-tripping feet said...

totally enjoyed this entry. can't wait to get the sound fixed on my comp to hear the stories!


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