Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Horses, houses with names, connections

This photo arrived yesterday in part of an illustration of why a certain home/property in England is called "Longfields." When Cathy, in Hampshire, ordered a copy of Moving a Puddle and some Thinking Sticks, I included a comment that I loved the name of her house and so she sent photos of the fields, and the five horses they have.

The day this arrived, the Lyrics Game word was horse. I had fully planned to add this image there then, but the day overwhelmed me and I didn't get to it. I wanted to make a bigger deal of the fact that the day after I had done an image search for good horse photos, this came and it's better than all of them. And these horses are owned by a family which now has a set of Thinking Sticks. I'm going to England this summer. I'm half thinking of asking for an invitation to visit, and half afraid if I add more visits I'll just never come home.

Longfields, named because, well... the fields stretch out a long way behind the house.

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HoosierNan said...

Carrie Newcomer http://carrienewcomer.com/ has a song called "Long Fields."

Somewhere the oceans flow.
Somewhere the geese fly low.
Somewhere the dark rain falls,
And somewhere the long fields call,
"All is well."


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