Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People Collect Things

Barf Bags, for one thing.
And they have links to many other barf bag collectors. There are stories there. Don't read them if thinking "barf" would be inconvenient for you at this time. (Thank you, Robin Bentley, for that link!)

There's a link there to a collection of images from emergency preparedness materials, with captions that made me laugh aloud while people are trying to sleep, so I closed this link: (Some are unsuitable for young children, but would be hiLARious for young teen boys.)

So what other things do people collect and share online? Jello advertisements.

Send others and I"ll add the links!

1 comment:

Schuyler said...

Found photographs. I don't remember where I first stumbled across a story about them. Maybe it was in a magazine, maybe it was on-line. There is a flickr group dedicated to them. They remind me of the found poetry that I read as an undergraduate with an English minor.


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