Sunday, April 20, 2008

Food, History, Fun!

Connecting food to history, art, music, geography and all that good stuff.

If you don't understand The Great Depression very well, here's an aid:

Follow the links—every page is wonderful.

This one is about the art of the paintings of Jello.

That Jello tour of The Great Depression is from The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Click the airplane for Sunbeam Bread's 1949 pro-bread propaganda pamphlet aimed at children, and some 21st century commentary by James Lilek. I advise you not to read it while you're eating bread or drinking any liquid.

Below is the creation of an unschooled girl named Hannah who was free to watch TV. She saw a cooking show and created this meal. I'm glad to have the photos and her mom's account! Click the photos to read.

Songs about food and about candy

But what really started me on this post was the books post before this. I had a link to a site with cakes made to look like medieval books, and it was on a quiet, still little page here. I'll leave the quote I started the post off with, and when/if I find where those photos went, I'll bring them. My cake-as-sacrifice link is still good, though.
I have a page on cake, and worshipful ceremonies related to cakes,
and this page on cakes made to look like medieval books ties those two together!


Ria said...

I get a "page not found" with the last line about cakes shaped like books.

I went to the Jello page, and from there (their main page) looked at a rabbit one...The other White was a really good one. FULL of connections. ; )

Sandra Dodd said...

Got that link fixed, thanks to Brighid ni Chiarain on the SCA_Subtleties yahoogroup! The site had changed, but the cakes can still be seen.

Sandra Dodd said...

More cakes links with more books: (Playford's dancing master book and Negri's Le Gratie d'Amore)

And some other things, including a May Pole cake! ('Tis the season...) Beautiful.


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