Thursday, November 17, 2011

Car trunks and glove boxes

October 1940. "Grand Forks, North Dakota." 35mm nitrate negative by John Vachon for the Farm Security Administration.

Four of five have real trunk-looking trunks, and this is about the end of that era.

From the Shorpy blog:

I wondered whether maybe in carriages, pre-automobile, there was a box for the driver to keep things in. I don't know, but if anyone does know, please leave a note!

Wikipedia has an article on glove compartments. There's more, but I liked this part best:
A glove compartment is occasionally referred to as a "jockey box," especially in the U.S. Upper Rocky Mountain states such as Idaho and Montana, but is found as far south as Texas. In South Africa, it is called a "cubby-hole". In Turkey, it is called "Torpedo Compartment".

According to the BBC Four programme "Penelope Keith and the Fast Lady" it was Dorothy Levitt who first coined the phrase 'glove compartment' as she advised motorists to carry a number of pairs of gloves to deal with many eventualities.


Sally Lopez said...

My family has always called the glove box the "ditty box." Later, when I heard the term "glove box," it made sense immediately to me because we also like to play Mille Bornes, a French card game about driving cars, that includes a special card called Driving Ace (As du Volant) that features a picture of gloved hands on a steering wheel. The Driving Ace card means you are unable to get into an accident. Magical gloves! I'd keep those in a special box, if I could--the kind with a lock, even.

Sandra Dodd said...

A magic box with magical-safety gloves sounds like a great idea!

I have a Chrysler mini-van we bought used in December, 2009. Last month, I was waiting in the passenger seat waiting for Holly to come out of a short appointment. I got bored and pulled out the manual from the glove compartment, flipping through to see what I might not have seen before.

What I had thought for nearly three years was the air bag compartment was another, bigger glove box!

I have dreams of discovering a new room in a house, or of inheriting a place that has a forgotten suite of rooms, usually with drawers full of clothing accessories and costume jewelry from the late 19th or early 20th century (grandma stuff), and a room with more than one bed.

This was kind of like that! A new room in a house.

I hadn't known there were any cars with more than one glove box, until my husband got a Prius and it has two in front of the passenger seat and a small box in the center.


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