Monday, January 11, 2010

Deaf Unschooling Comic Strip

These are by Adrean Clark and are on her Deviant Art page. says:
Adrean Clark is a deaf cartoonist currently based in St. Paul, MN. Former comics/webcomics she authored are My Hands Full, The Significance of Reality, and The Dark Side of the Moon.

As a strong advocate of American Sign Language, she often deals with signing community themes in her work. Her work has appeared in publications such as SIGNews and Deaf Rochester News.

Clark is the Visual Editor of Clerc Scar, where her current comic work appears.
As Adreanaline, Adrean posts on unschooling discussions sometimes, and is in the Monday and Friday unschooling chats when she's not too busy. Adrean created an image of clear singing, following one of the discussions. It is here:

Her husband is John Lee Clark, the editor of Deaf American Poetry.

They're unschoolers.

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nikki said...

That's definitely exciting as we are also a Deaf unschooling family of six. Thanks for posting info showing ASL in a positive light.


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