Monday, October 26, 2009


What's known of cravings? Pregnant women have them (I did), but what's the current belief of people who are scientific? What are some of the folk beliefs about cravings?

The reason I ask is that I'm making pork for the third time in one week. Never in my life have I had a pork craving, but it seems I'm having one now. Could be coincidence, but I thought someone might come by here with some knowledge or theories or humorous speculations.

Once when Kirby was feverishly delirious, and was three or four, he kept saying he wanted "red food." We tried, guessed, asked, called friends he had visited to see if they'd fed him something red. When he was well he couldn't remember.

With the slightest little google search I found this:
Explains what food cravings mean and how to curb cravings naturally...

Should food cravings be curbed rather than indulged? Should people listen to their bodies just enough to say "no"?

Pork is a weird one for me. It's browned and in the crock pot with green chile and tomatoes, and it smells like cumin, which I love.


Colleen said...

I don't know what the belief is of people who are scientific or what the folk beliefs are - but I can share my 7 year old's thoughts on the topic. I tend to write down some of the things he says as we go about our days, as I think he can be rather Wise, in an old-soul sort of way and not in a smart-aleck sort of way. So one day recently we were sitting together not doing anything in particular, and he said, "Mom, when a man needs a bowl of chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt, a man needs a bowl of chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt. And when he needs a cucumber, he needs a cucumber." I asked him, "do you need something?" and he said, "yes, I need vanilla ice cream." So we went and he had a bowl. To him it's just that simple - if your body (or your brain) wants something, you should go for it. When I was in college I saw a shirt for sale that said across the front, "Listen to the children." I didn't buy it. But I wish I had.

Sandra Dodd said...

I haven't eaten pork for quite a while. There was about a week when it sounded not only good, but necessary. And now it doesn't sound so good. Lately water has, and salt. I've eaten other things because I was hungry or they were there, but no cravings. So I've aimed toward oatmeal with raisins. Cheese.

I did eat at a buffet yesterday. Fish and chicken and rice, mostly. Vegetables. But several of the things I got I didn't eat because they seemed right, but only to taste them because they were new.

It feels very different, eating what my body says "Get this if you can," and what just happens to be there, or I'm eating to be polite or practical.

When I was younger, and before I watched my kids grow up so differently, I wouldn't have believed there was any such thing.


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